University Retina / UIC Vitreoretinal Fellowship

The University Retina / UIC Vitreoretinal Fellowship is a highly competitive, combined 2 year vitreoretinal fellowship
sponsored by University Retina and the University of Illinois At Chicago.

Fellowship Directors

Rama D. Jager, MD, MBA
Meena S. George, MD, PhD
William F. Mieler, MD

Vitreoretinal Fellowship Description

The University Retina / Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary (UIC Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences) Vitreoretinal Fellowship is a two-year fellowship designed for thorough and complete training in vitreoretinal diseases and surgery.

The fellow spends half of their time at University Retina locations, and the other half at the Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary. Medical and surgical training will occur through close interaction with all of the faculty (Drs. Jager, Bhatt, Sheth, George, Joshi, Mieler, Lim, Liederman, Chau, Ulanski, and Chan).

Fellowship Diplomas are awarded by the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Current 2016-2018 University Retina / UIC Vitreoretinal Fellow

Dr. Evan Dunn is the 2016-2018 University Retina vitreoretinal fellow


2016-2018 University Retina / UIC Vitreoretinal Fellow

Ophthalmology Residency:
Indiana University Medical School

Medical School:
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

University of Central Florida

Former 2014-2016 University Retina / UIC Vitreoretinal Fellow

Dr. Randee Miller is the 2014-2016 University Retina vitreoretinal fellow

Randee Miller Watson, MD

Graduated 7/2016 - University Retina / UIC Vitreoretinal Fellow

Ophthalmology Residency:
University of Illinois at Chicago

Medical School:
Wayne State University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Biology

Clinical Responsibilities.

The fellow will be exposed to a large volume of patients with a wide variety of exposure to not only common vitreoretinal conditions (e.g., AMD, diabetic retinopathy), but also unusual cases as well.

Clinical time will be split between University Retina (Drs. Jager, Bhatt, Sheth, George, and Joshi) and UIC (Drs. Mieler, Lim, Liederman, Chau, Ulanski, and Chan).

The fellow is always expected to treat patients with the utmost respect and kindness in order to maintain the culture of University Retina and UIC -- namely a dedication to outstanding retinal care.

Surgical Responsibilities

Advocate Christ Medical Center Outpatient Pavilion

The fellow will be exposed and directly participate in a large volume of vitreoretinal surgery. The vast majority of the surgery will be with University Retina physicians (Drs. Jager, Bhatt, Sheth, and George) at Advocate Christ Medical Center. All surgeries will be performed under the direct supervision of an attending, and no cases will ever be unstaffed by attendings. The fellow will build a very strong foundation by learning the approaches, tools, and skills to perform surgical procedures including scleral buckling, pars plana vitrectomy, epiretinal membrane dissection, photocoagulation, retinotomy, retinectomy, and perfluorocarbon liquid, silicone oil, or gas injection/removal. While at Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary, there will be exposure to ocular oncology as well. Surgical video recording is available for both review as well as submission of interesting cases.

Surgical cases will always take precedence over clinic while at University Retina. Emergent cases (e.g., endophthalmitis, etc.) can often occur after clinic, usually at Advocate Christ Medical Center. Advocate Christ Medical Center has state-of-the-art outpatient surgery pavilion and general operating rooms with extremely advanced surgical equipment and a 24-7 ophthalmology call team highly experienced in vitreoretinal care.

Educational Responsibilities.

In addition to helping in the education and mentoring of UIC ophthalmology residents and medical students, the University Retina / UIC fellow is expected to participate in the following:

  • Departmental weekly Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary Grand Rounds (Wednesday late afternoons)
  • Weekly Fluorescein Angiography seminars (Thursday afternoons)
  • Retina Surgical Conference (Wednesday mornings, the last Wednesday of the month)
  • Annual UIC Retina Symposium (in the spring)
  • Chicago's Rabb Retina Club
  • UIC Retina Continuing Medical Education Courses

Research and Academic Meetings

The fellow is expected to participate in clinical research. Each faculty member is involved in clinical and basic research projects. Each fellow is expected to submit at least one clinical retina manuscript per year for publication.

A generous travel stipend is provided by University Retina every year to the fellow. The fellow is expected to attend the following national/international meetings every year:

  • ASRS Annual Meeting
  • AAO Retina Subspecialty Day Meeting
  • Midwest Ocular Angiography Conference Annual Meeting
  • Alcon Vitreoretinal Techniques and Technologies (AVTT) Annual Meeting
  • Annual Vitreoretinal Fellows Forum
  • Vitreoretinal Fellows Courses (e.g., MEEI, Duke)
Randee Miller, MD
Dr. Randee Miller presenting at the 2015 ASRS Annual Meeting in Vienna, Austria

2018-2020 University Retina / UIC Vitreoretinal Fellowship

One full-time, two year fellowship is available only to graduates of ACGME-accredited ophthalmology residency programs and is available only to applicants with licensure to practice in the state of Illinois by the start of the fellowship in July 2018.

Dates of Fellowship: July 2018 to July 2020 (exact dates TBD).
Compensation: Year 1 at the UIC PGY-5 level / Year 2 at the UIC PGY-6 level.
Vacation: Twenty-four days of vacation per year are available, as provided in the UIC system (12 from time spent at University Retina and 12 from time spent at UIC)
CME Travel Stipend: Provided by University Retina

How to Apply

The fellowship is highly competitive. Prospective candidates must register for the fellowship match at SFMatch. The application process for the Ophthalmology Fellowship is described in detail on the SFMatch site. After you have registered, you can view details about our program in the SFMatch directory and apply online. Thank you for your consideration.